Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back by Popular Demand! - July 7 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

If you have missed out attending previous workshops, then this is the last one before we launch into the summer holidays and you certainly will not want to miss out this time around!

Our last workshop was particularly outstanding and the success stories are still coming in. Please note some of the comments from our attendees:

“This workshop was amazing. It was more than a public speaking workshop. It was empowering, encouraging and I feel big possibilities and opportunities open up for me. Thank you Cecilia. You are a vibrant facilitator and you sure do change people’s lives! After attending the workshop, I realize my speaking is now different, big time. I use my own words, not anyone else’s and it is more powerful than ever.” – Yoko Ogawa, Wellness Educator, NetworkCare Hong Kong

“Shortly after attending this workshop, I delivered a corporate presentation and it was amazing how much I improved and didn't panic! It was by far the best presentation I have ever delivered!” – Ashley Khoo, Senior Investment Manager, HSBC

“I can now control my mind and body to present with total confidence and come across as a successful speaker. I can do it! Thank you so much for this opportunity to grow and to be able to handle a big aspect of my job with confidence. I had a wonderful and impactful experience.” – Lily Lam, Teacher

“Cecilia is the best facilitator that I have ever experienced in a training class.” – J. Rahaim


Program Details:

You will discover your unique presentation style and strengths as a "leader in communication" and explore your public speaking persona. You will do this by delivering presentations and receiving immediate feedback.

During this one day workshop, you will be coached "real-time" on preparation, delivery and presentation. We learn the most quickly by DOING so be prepared to STEP UP, take action during this workshop and exponentially accelerate your skills as a public speaker. You will also receive a video recording of your performances for feedback reference and to view your improvement throughout the day.


This workshop will teach you how to:

*Prepare your speech
*Create a compelling message
*Present your content in a powerful and meaningful way
*Make an impact with your audience
*Develop rapport and engage your audience
*Deliver a smooth and flawless presentation
*Control nervousness and anxiety
*Adopt empowering and secret techniques that the world's most powerful speakers use

Date: Saturday, July 7, 2007
Time: 10:00am to 7:00pm
Venue: 6/F Grand View Commercial Centre, 29-31 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, HK
Cost: HK$1,980 for one HK$3,500 for two
To Register: Call us at 3102-8032 or email

Due to the limited availability, reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. You are urged to book NOW if you wish to attend. No additional group discounts will be offered. Course fee includes video recording and a 100% money back guarantee.