Wednesday, November 5, 2008

December 1st Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

This will be our last workshop for the year of 2008!

Our workshop on October 28 was truly memorable. With a smaller group size this time around, it felt like an advance training. We had quite a few graduates along for a refresher and we were all astounded by how much everyone had improved.

The refresher courses definitely pay off!

Please note the details for our last workshop of the year and be sure to sign up early! Look forward to seeing you there :-)

Date: Monday, December 1st, 2008
Time: 10:00am to 6:30pm
Venue: 6/F Grand View Commercial Centre, 29-31 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay
Cost: HK$2,280 for one - HK$3,900 for two
To Register: Send email to for or call +852 3519 8336 or register online by clicking on the icon in upper right hand corner.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 28 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

Thank you for your continued support! We are so pleased to have worked with such an amazing group last month and our clients have been requesting another workshop this month so please mark your calendars for October 28th. Our group size is very limited and with the confirmed registrations we have received already, there are only a few more spots left. Please register early!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Time: 10:00am to 6:30pm
Venue: 6/F Grand View Commercial Centre, 29-31 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay
Cost: HK$2,280 for one - HK$3,900 for two
To Register: Send email to for or call +852 3519 8336 or register online by clicking on the icon in upper right hand corner.

Please CLICK HERE to read our client testimonials.

For copies of our articles and free resource materials on presentation skills, please email us at and we will be more than happy to send you our latest tips.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Client Testimonials

Please note some comments from our past participants:

“I enjoyed the day immensely. Cecilia is an excellent facilitator. The content was 100% relevant and the information was clear and concise. Cecilia has a wonderful ability to put people at ease. She creates and atmosphere of inclusion and equality as she tells the story of her struggles.” - Niamh O'Connell, Director of Spa, Asia Pacific, Hyatt International Asia Pacific Limited

"It's a very interesting workshop and you will get to know more techniques to step up your presentation skills. Cecilia is a passionate, experienced and energetic trainer. You will never get bored in the class. Time flies and you will not believe how much you have learned and transformed." - Sam Lau

“I have had a LOT of public speaking engagements in the past couple months, throughout the launch/growth of the Hong Kong Cleanup, and some of the principles I learned in your course have been invaluable. Thanks again for the excellent value and confidence-boost!” – Nissa Marion, Project Director, Editor-in-Chief, EcoVision Asia

"Cecilia is a professional and amazing facilitator. She really can tell everybody's strength and weakness and teach in line with our abilities. I could even get the messages and encouragement from her eyes. She has let me see her power and influence. She is the best facilitator I've ever met." - Lucinda Lin

“Just on my way home right now from the panel speaking event and WOW! I feel really great!!! You're one of the first people I wanted to tell because you have an absolutely workable, realistic and fantastic formula! I'm so so glad to have taken your class, I've learnt so much from you- thank you!” – Claire Hau, Sustainability Relations, H&M Mauritz AB
“Thank you for your generosity in offering advice, guidance and modeling. This is the third workshop I've attended and they have all helped me dismantle my fear towards giving presentations and gave me a wonderful format to structure my ideas. Thanks!” – Judy Lai, Mud Pies Education
“Our mentor Cecilia Yeung is just a brilliant and talented and courageous female icon. I am so proud to know her and learn from her. This is more than presentation, its value of work and life - be positive!! – Bonnie Leung, Assistant Manager, Catering Performance, Quality Assurance & Projects, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited

“Cecilia has demonstrated vividly a successful presentation skill on her own. She is so observant and is able to give very precise and accurate feedback for the participants.” – Katherine Wong

“A very enjoyable and useful workshop. It was great to have an opportunity to practice using stories in my presentations as well as practice selling on stage. The specific feedback I received from Cecilia and the other participants around selling on stage was extremely useful.”  – Carole Lewis

“I have attended a number of Cecilia's workshops over the years and have always found the approach and content extremely useful. It has certainly helped with my confidence in public speaking environments. The Advanced Dynamic Presentation Skills session provided new and really interesting ways to improve the content of any presentation. Both seasoned and novice presenters can get some benefit from these sessions.” – Godfrey O
“I have learnt a lot of the presentation skills at the training. I am particularly impressed by the Powerful Words which are very useful, encouraging and, most importantly, can be applied both at work and life. We are not only receive the valuable comments from the facilitator but also got the chance to give comments to the co-workers after each practice on the spot.” – Tandy Chu
“Encouragement and professionalism of the facilitator in which participants have a good model to follow and self-reflect.” – Maria Lee

“Thank you for another great workshop. A number of years ago I was petrified by public speaking as you know. I was in the category of people who ranked public speaking higher than death as a fear! Your workshop and encouragement were a big reason for me in turning the corner and becoming increasingly comfortable in talking in front of larger groups of people. One of my epiphanies was that if I was there for the audience and not for myself, then I had nothing of which to be scared. As I believe I have something to contribute to society I made a decision to challenge myself.

Recently I did a talk in front of 400 people at Seoul National University with absolutely no problems, and many of my fellow panel member asked whether I had been professionally trained! I have more large talks in the diary and am looking to do TED at some point. The refresher course I did yesterday highlighted how passionate you are about people, not only over-coming their fears of public speaking, but actually thriving on the stage.  And I am so impressed by your ability to pack so much in to one day, and see so many people transform. Truly professional! Many thanks.” - Benjamin Butler, Chief Executive, Apotheosis Consulting
“Your enthusiasm and delivery was first class and you were able to take a topic that is fearful for some and turn it into a positive message with great learning and actionable takeaways. I will be back to do the follow up sessions. Thanks for helping me become a more confident professional.” – Paul Jeffrey Chandler, Director of F&B Operations, Hong Kong Disneyland

“What I really enjoyed and appreciated about this workshop is the partner work, group work and individual time spent on practicing presentation skills. I enjoyed the constructive feedback from everyone and Cecilia's genuine interest in helping everyone become better presenters. If you want to increase your confidence in presenting, this is a workshop you definitely have to consider as a quality investment.” - Julie Chiu, Mindful Health & Lifestyle Coach, and Law of Attraction Trainer,,
“The workshop was beyond my expectations. Cecilia guided us to build up confidence step by step and created an encouraging environment to allow us to practice. It inspired me very much.” – Noon Kwok

“This workshop was well beyond my expectations and the best workshop I have ever been to. Thank you Cecilia!” – Duane Cheung, Leighton - China State Joint Venture

“Cecilia has a gift to motivate even the most scared person to get on stage and give their best with confidence. It sure worked for me! I just love her energy, it's so catching. I will go back to her workshops anytime. There is always something new we can learn from her.” – Doris Baer,
Baer Jewels

"Since the workshop, I am one of the most confident speakers in any room. I’m far more grounded which lets me deliver an impactful presentation. I would recommend this workshop for anyone who wanted to take their public speaking to the next level! – Sonia Samtani, Image & Lifestyle Consultant, Sonia Samtani Consulting

“Cecilia runs a very useful presentation. My presentation style has really improved. Make it a New Year’s resolution to see her and speak with confidence!” – Serene Lo, Director of Human Resources

"I know that presentation skills are critical for my personal and business success and I was looking for a course that can give me the accelerated track to attaining this skill. After attending this workshop, I immediately saw the results in my confidence and a big improvement when communicating to a group or speaking on stage. The workshop was concise, hit all the key points and a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire learning process." - Mandy So

“This workshop inspired me! It changed my ‘old-days’ perspective on presenting that is "to inform" rather "to inspire" the audience. Not only has this changed the way I communicate in my career, but also how to deal with the fear of presenting in front of a group of people.” - Chloe Kwok, Brand Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

“After attending the workshop, I can now speak confidently when before I was rather shy. When I present to people in a work environment, the feedback I receive is that I have no fear when speaking. I’m speaking to more people at work which can only lead to a promotion. I’m more confident because now I Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for every talk!” – Pinky Lam, Assistant Product Manager

“It was a very worthwhile training that not only offered so much insight about myself, I was amazed at how much I improved in just one day!” – Sophia Law, Executive, Gavin Anderson & Co.

“Thank you for a fantastic workshop. I’ve attended presentation skills training before and the techniques you shared are unlike anything I have experienced before. They really make a huge difference!” – Kristin Lowe, Managing Director, Organising Solutions

“My objective was to combat my fear of presenting in front of an audience and the workshop met my expectations and more. I feel I now have the skills to do this. It is a brilliant and worthwhile course. Thank you Cecilia!” – Richard Le Gallez, HSBC Bank International Limited

“It is an excellent program. Well structured, professional and very thorough. You are a professional, truly integrated trainer and facilitator, full of love and humility. Your programme, the refresher sessions and the personal coaching, have given me great value which I cannot put a price on. – Kumi Masunaga, Director, Rhythm of Life Co.

“It is a day I will never forget. I learned a lot about myself and I am confident I can take my communication skills to the next level. I’ve been to hundreds of workshops throughout my career and this experience really stands out from the rest.” – George Muirhead, General Manager, Top Builders Group Ltd.

“Everything you taught us that day was extremely useful, and it has given me such a positive perspective not just on public speaking, but on life in general. I still cannot believe how much I was able to grow in just one day! I am so thankful that among all the workshops I could have attended, I chose to come to yours!” – Claire Hau, MA Global Fashion Supply Chain Management Student, HK Polytechnic University

"This is a fantastic workshop in which I learnt so much about public speaking skills and techniques. It does wonders to help overcome the fear we have when speaking to an audience. I am really impressed by how Cecilia conducts this workshop and absolutely did not expect my first hand experience on such a "scary" topic could turn out to be so fun filled, so invaluable." - Nancy Porchetta, Managing Director,
Rebound Internet Services Limited

“Cecilia works with head and heart. I experienced my two workshops with her as very practical and immediately applicable. Her suggestions and examples proved to be immensely useful; also her way of communication and connecting to each individual in the group created a very trusting and relaxed atmosphere. Please keep me posted on any new seminars you are offering!” - Gudrun Kittel-Thong, Career Path & Life Direction Coach

“I initially went to Cecilia's seminar because I felt I needed help to reach a higher level of performance in my own abilities. What I got out of it was much more than that. Cecilia's depth of understanding, her skillful facilitation of people and the wisdom she shares is invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.” - David Ogg, Director,
Central Sun

“As the firm’s CEO, it was fantastic to see how my team’s presentation skills transformed during the course of the day. Well done and job done!” – Richard Barton, CEO, Gavin Anderson & Co.

“Since the workshop, I have practiced and rehearsed what Cecilia taught me. The major change has been moving away from relying on slides in my presentation. My audiences like my new communication style much more. I’m now more confident and natural when presenting.” – Esmond Ng, Business Development Manager

“The workshop has given me a dramatic improvement to my public speaking. I have learnt and applied an awful lot including better preparation, improved audience contact and better posture.” - Don Conning, Director, Aedas Limited

“Cecilia has been most helpful with my presentation skills. The workshop was useful, practical, condensed and very good. I would recommend anyone to attend and will send my staff.” - Geoffrey Lung, Managing Director, MI Insurance Brokers Ltd.
“Since the presentation workshop, I’ve gone from a speaker who occasionally spoke to a regular comedy club impromptu presenter! Cecilia gives inspiring presentations! I can’t wait to do another course of hers in the future.” - Diane Huntoon

"Thank you for helping me re-focus on the important aspects of presenting. When I first attended your course I was skeptical. Now I am so pleased to have worked with a professional of your standing. It has certainly improved my perspective and my presentation skills!" - David Harman, Interfax News Service Ltd.

"Cecilia is the most genuine and passionate trainer I have met to date. She will guide you, both personally and professionally on how to create more results in your life. Be inspired and ready for more success after attending her workshop." - Grace Lee, TLC Wellness

“After attending this workshop, I learned not to focus on memorizing the content of presentation and how to handle the fear standing in front of a group. Now I am more clear on the objective behind each presentation and I find my communication with colleagues and friends around are better day by day.” - Terry Ng, Senior Brand Manager

"Cecilia is masterful at bringing out the best in people. With her inspiring presence and elegant dedication, her workshops are all about adding value and confidence. She, in a short period of time, has enabled accelerated growth in me on personal as well as business levels." - Martike de Grip, Managing Director, Transcedge Ltd.

"It was a truly life changing experience for me and I can't thank you enough for the support you showed me as did the whole group in my moments of self doubt. I can approach future challenges in a much more positive way now and actually look forward to opportunities to speak to groups rather than dreading it!" - Michael Fawdry, Director, Ernest Maude Continental Investments Limited.

"10+! Highly energetic, excellent facilitator, speaker with cross cultural experience. Best facilitator seen ever!" - P. Thorson, Senior Manager

“This workshop inspired me! It changed my ‘old-days’ perspective on presenting that is "to inform" rather "to inspire" the audience. Not only has this changed the way I communicate in my career, but also how to deal with the fear of presenting in front of a group of people.” - Chloe Kwok, Brand Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

"Shortly after attending this workshop, I delivered a corporate presentation and it was amazing how much I improved and didn't panic! It was by far the best presentation I have ever delivered!" - Ashley Khoo, Senior Investment Manager, HSBC
"Cecilia's workshop gets right down to work and has all participants learning the techniques and practicing right away, each receiving constant constructive feedback. It's one of the fastest ways to polish one's presentation skills I've ever experienced." - Brett S. Cameron, Sales Director,
REDEV Properties of Canada

"Within hours, I realized I am not afraid to make presentations in front of people and I felt very brave. I can present to an audience now." - Henry Chan, Senior Manager, Federal Express

"Right after attending the workshop, I made a presentation to a contractor to share information about our projects and I applied the skills I learned. I was very confident and delivered my presentation smoothly. I received very favorable feedback from my boss and was informed by the contractor that my presentation was the best among the others." - Gary Lin, Marketing Executive, Proficiency Net Ltd.

"I can now control my mind and body to present with total confidence and come across as a successful speaker. I can do it! Thank you so much for this opportunity to grow and to be able to handle a big aspect of my job with confidence. I had a wonderful and impactful experience." - Lily Lam, Teacher

"Cecilia is the best facilitator that I have ever experienced in a training class." - J. Rahaim
"This workshop was amazing. It was more than a public speaking workshop. It was empowering, encouraging and I feel big possibilities and opportunities open up for me. Thank you Cecilia. You are a vibrant facilitator and you sure do change people's lives!" - Yoko Ogawa, Wellness Educator, NetworkCare Hong Kong

"I really enjoyed the afternoon seminar. It was challenging, fun and at the same time very insightful. I learned a lot and will conduct my next speech in an entirely different (and hopefully better) way... I think Cecilia did a great job and I was also moved by the great progress everybody made within these few hours." - Charlie Lang, Executive Coach & Trainer, Progress-U Ltd.
"This workshop completely changed how I feel about standing to speak in front of a crowd. My outlook has been transformed to what is possible in my career because of the communication skills learned and the confidence gained in presenting to a larger audience. There is no doubt that this was the catalyst that made me decide to launch my own business." - Peter Armstrong

"Because I have managed to avoid public speaking for the last 15 years, the hurdle to step up in front of people was huge. Through the help of Cecilia and the open feedback of the course participants I did a final speech at the end of the day. I never thought I would do a speech with only 15 minutes preparation without using any notes. Two weeks after the course, I did a speech in front of 70 people, something I would have never considered in a million years prior to attending the public speaking course." - Brigitte Weber

“I find the workshop really practical. I use it in negotiation with others by using power words before meeting them instead of memorizing the content. It transforms my approach style and gives me more confidence in presenting my objective to them and got them walk with me. The beauty of this workshop is there is a safe environment for us to practice.” -Jenifer Ip, Commercial Head of Enterprise Brands, GlaxoSmithKline

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tips on How To Handle Your Next Q&A Session

I am not a big fan of lengthy Q&A sessions as it tends to denote that my presentation was not informative enough if the audience is left with many questions. However, such a session can open up the audience to what they are really looking for and especially for a sales presentation, will give you the buying signals to indicate that they are serious.

My first rule is that you must prepare your content for what your audience is seeking information on. That means your presentation should answer the questions that they have and they do not have to wait until the end of your PowerPoint when you finally say "any questions?" to get the information that they are seeking.

Also, it is not a very powerful way to end a presentation. How many times have you heard, "and now we will take questions from the audience" which signaled that you can quietly dart out?

You must always end your presentation with impact and reiterate your message before you steer into the Q&A portion.

The next time you are presenting, here are some quick and easy tips for you to try out:

1. Be an expert on your topic. If you truly know your subject, then you will not be caught out with a challenging question. You will be able to handle any question or statement or comment thrown your way. Trust that you are the knowledgeable expert on the topic. After all, that is why have asked to present.

2. Do not make up a story or change the question if you do not know the answer. The best way to handle this is to thank the audience member for bringing up the subject and admit that you do not have all the data or facts or background, etc to fully answer the question but you will get back to them with the answer as soon as you get the relevant information. More importantly, you must remember to follow up!

3. Do not start your answer by saying "That's a (very) good question." Then you will have to say that for everyone who asks a question. Many speakers say this without actually knowing why. It is in fact, a form of respect and acknowledgement and sometimes, to buy a little bit of time while formulating a response. Instead, start with "thank you for your question..."

4. Prepare someone to ask a question. If you have anxiety about a shy audience not speaking up or facing the awkward deafening silence when no one raises a hand, then prepare a colleague to ask a relevant question. It will help kickstart the session if someone speaks up first.

5. Steer irrelevant questions offline. If a question is clearly off topic and likely to tune out the rest of the audience, then request that you speak with the respective audience member after the presentation. "As this is not related to the presentation, would it be okay if I speak to you afterwards on this?" This also applies to someone who is on attack or is clearly being challenging.

6. Prepare by thinking of what the audience may ask you including the worst, most challenging and skeptical questions. Put yourself in the shoes of your worst skeptic and what questions may they throw at you? Formulate your answers accordingly and it will help you feel more prepared. Your thorough preparation will always be the best confidence booster.

For more resource articles on public speaking and presentation skills, please continue to scroll down.

For more information about our upcoming presentation skills workshops in Hong Kong, please contact

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

September 29 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

Date: Monday, September 29, 2008
Time: 9:30am to 6:00pm
Venue: Level 3, Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong
Cost: HK$2,280 for one - HK$3,900 for two
To Register: Send email to for or call +852 2782 8713 or register online by clicking on the icon in upper right hand corner.

Please CLICK HERE to read our client testimonials.

A Formula For Your Next Sales Presentation

How do we define a sales presentation? In fact, most presentations have a sales element to it. We present to influence a decision and this formula applies to most presentations that seek buy-in from your audience.

1. Understand your audience's needs, concerns, issues, objections and prepare accordingly. What is it they really want out of attending your presentation? The first step is preparing your content so that you provide the right information in order for your audience to make the decision you desire.

2. Do not start with a PowerPoint presentation. I know I am a bit repetitive with this tip but it is the worst way to open a presentation! There is no connection, no rapport and all eyes are fixated on a large screen instead of you. How can you expect data on a screen to exact influence? The credibility and authority needs to be on you, not a series of slides on a screen.

3. Start with a clear introduction and outline of your presention. Be very clear on your objective upfront and set the expectations. Example: "My objective today is to share with you our strategy, the background information and rationale for resources so that you will make the decision to support us. The topics of this 30-minute presentation will cover..."

4. Seek engagement and buy-in from the start by asking your audience what their needs, concerns and objectives are. Many presenters go straight into the PowerPoint slides and miss out a great opportunity get the audience's attention by seeking their input first. By doing so, they will now have a more vested interest in your content as you asked them what their needs are and they are on attention to seek a solution or answers.

5. Provide value-added content, solutions, well researched data and logical supporting statements for your key message. Make sure your content answers your audience's questions and addresses their concerns. It doesn't matter how much you know or what your expertise is if it's irrelevant for your audience. Only present on what's pertinent to them, if you do not want them to tune out.

6. Conclude with a summary of what you have just presented. Yes! Tell them again what you just told them and ask for what you want, which you stated in your opening objective. Ask for the decision, serious consideration of your proposal or a follow up face to face meeting.


Prepare for the Q&A session by thinking of the typical questions you feel the audience may ask as well as the worst questions from the skeptics. Formulate your answers accordingly and you will be able to handle any question thrown your way.

Many presenters signify the end of a presentation by opening the floor for questions. This is actually not a proper way to conclude a presentation. I'll share more on this in future updates.

For more tips on presentation skills, please read on...

Monday, July 21, 2008

August 23 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

We have finally confirmed our next workshop to be held on August 23rd. For those who have patiently been on our waiting list for the confirmation, please MARK THE DATE in your calendar now as we have quite a few participants already booked for this.

This workshop is also a great opportunity to have your PowerPoint presentation reviewed for more effectiveness. Just send it along to us in advance and we will be able to use it as a demo during the workshop.

Date: Saturday, August 23, 2008
Time: 9:30am to 6:30pm
Venue: 6/F Grandview Commercial Centre, 29-32 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, HK
Cost: HK$2,280 for one - HK$3,900 for two
To Register: Send email to for or call +852 2782 8713 or register online by clicking on the icon in upper right hand corner.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

June 16 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

Our next workshop will be on June 16, 2008. We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Monday, June 16, 2008
Time: 9:30am to 6:30pm
Venue: 6/F Grandview Commercial Centre, 29-32 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, HK
Cost: HK$1,980 for one - HK$3,500 for two
To Register: Send email to for or call +852 3102 8032 or register online by clicking on the icon in upper right hand corner.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Presentation Tips

8 Not So Obvious Tips For Your Next Presentation

One of the most important keys to confidence on stage while presenting is actually not a natural speaking ability or self assurance but rather, PREPARATION.

Of course, it's not the only key but if you invest the time on preparation, you will be sure to achieve the confidence you seek for your next presentation and this is also the case for a business meeting, meeting an important client, negotiating with your staff, and it goes on and on.

"If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first hour sharpening the ax."
- Abraham Lincoln

Read any book, article or attend any workshop or training on public speaking and the key message is to PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE. You will be doing yourself a huge injustice by not giving a presentation the appropriate preparation. Even the most experienced speakers spend a certain amount of time on preparation.

Years ago, I would spend at least three hours preparing for a 90-minute presentation and this did not include all the time I spend crafting and editing my content! Overall, the ratio was 1:4, meaning four hours of preparation for every hour on stage.

I'd like to share 8 less well-known preparation tips that have helped me tremendously over the years.

Assuming that you have prepared your content and you have practiced and rehearsed it thoroughly, here are some extra preparation tips that will give you the winning edge.

1. Find out as much about your audience as possible such as age group, familiarity with your material, interest, reason for attending your presentation, etc. so that you can add references that are relevant to those in attendance to build rapport.

2. If you will be offering a Q&A session, think of the three worst questions coming from the biggest skeptics in your audience and rehearse how you will answer them. You will definitely feel a lot more confident about managing your audience and not being caught off guard!

3. If possible, arrange to present in the morning. If it is after lunch, you will have to deal with the "after lunch" drop in energy, especially if you will be dimming the lights to show your PowerPoint. (please refer to previous newsletters on why you should NOT use PowerPoint).

4. Go to the venue an hour before your presentation to familiarize yourself with the room layout and get your technical preparation sorted well before you start (that is, if you absolutely must use PowerPoint). This is also the time for you to test the microphone and stand on stage to visualize your audience and your success. This may not be possible sometimes if you are presenting in a client's office but in those instances, ask for 10-15 minutes to set up.

5. Arrange to have someone introduce you and brief this person on how to introduce you for credibility and to prepare the audience in anticipation of your presentation. Most MCs just read off your bio instead of introduce a speaker properly. It's up to you to make sure they prepare the stage for you.

6. Set yourself up for success by planting your colleagues or supporters in strategic positions throughout the room. This is so they can send you encouragement and affirmation while you are speaking. If presenting in a boardroom, have your colleagues sit in the audience instead of next to you.

7. Properly hydrate yourself hours before your presentation so that you are alert and full of mental energy. Avoid rich food or caffeine before you speak.

8. Clear your mind and focus on empowering words right before you speak. If you are still going over your content, it means you have not prepared or rehearsed enough. If this is the case, it's too late now to worry about what come after this section or what to say at which point. Just focus on a powerful opening/greeting to set you off on a high note.


You have many ways to set yourself up for success for your next presentation. Be sure to prepare, prepare, prepare!

"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation." - Robert H. Schuller

Read on below to find out about our upcoming Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop and how you can accelerate your skills as a public speaker in just one day!

April 21 Workshop

Upcoming Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop - Monday, April 21st

In Just One Day, You Will Learn the Skills and Tools to Deliver a Dynamic Presentation in Front Of An Audience Confidently, Effortlessly and Flawlessly!

What You Will Learn At Our Workshop:

You will discover your unique presentation style and strengths as a "leader in communication" and explore your public speaking persona. You will do this by delivering presentations and receiving immediate feedback.

During this one day workshop, you will be coached "real-time" on preparation, delivery and presentation. We learn the most quickly by DOING so be prepared to STEP UP, take action during this workshop and exponentially accelerate your skills as a public speaker.

This workshop will teach you how to:

1. Prepare your speech for maximum impact

2. Create a compelling and memorable message

3. Present your content in a powerful and meaningful way

4. Make a strong impression with your audience

5. Develop rapport and engage with your audience

6. Learn how to prepare a smooth and flawless presentation with limited time

7. Control nervousness and anxiety

8. Adopt empowering and secret techniques that the world's most accomplished speakers use

There's more!

* Learn how to use PowerPoint more effectively

* Create personalized techniques for you to use anytime

* Receive genuine and supportive feedback from a live audience!


Date: Monday, April 21, 2008
Time: 10:00am to 6:30pm
Venue: 15/F Grandview Commercial Centre, 29-32 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, HK
Cost: HK$1,980 for one - HK$3,500 for two
To Register: Send email to for or call +852 3102 8032 or register online by clicking on the icon in upper right hand corner.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop - this Saturday!

Hello and welcome back to our website! We ran another fun-packed and results focused workshop last week on Monday, February 18th. If you missed out, our next workshop on Saturday, March 1, 2008.

If you have been thinking about brushing up on your presentation skills, step up and join us this Saturday! We enable participants to fully experience the entire process of public speaking, from structuring a speech, uncovering a key message, preparation, handling stage fright and delivery. All this within one day and guaranteed for results!

Please register NOW if you would like to take part as our spots are filling up!

March 1 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

Date: Saturday, March 1, 2008
Venue: 15/F Grandview Commercial Centre, 29-32 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, HK
Cost: $1,980 for one - HK$3,500 for two
To Register: Send an email to for a registration form or click on the icon in the upper right hand column to register online.

Course fee includes one-day workshop and personal coaching. Due to the limited availability, reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. You are urged to book NOW if you wish to attend. No additional discounts will be offered.

Note: Our workshop fees will increase as of April 2008.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Best Kept Secrets on Public Speaking

What really separates a good speaker from a GREAT speaker? The kind of presenter you instantly feel a connection with, trust and you are impressed with not only their presentation style but their knowledge, wisdom, charisma and influence.

For this issue, we will share some best kept secrets from famed and noted speakers/presenters that you may not be aware of but consider taking on board for your next presentation.

1. When You Seek To Impress, You Will Fail To Impress - Wait a minute, what does that mean? Am I not on stage to impress the audience? Ironically enough, you will impress the audience when you are not looking for it. Here's the point. Many speakers tend to focus on themselves, what they know, how much they know, how well they speak, how impressive the content is, and it goes on and on.

They may reach some people but they will never truly command an entire audience. Why? Because people generally are not interested in what you know, they are interested in what you know that can make a difference for them. Craft your presentation to benefit your audience and you are just the messenger, not a star on stage. Your audience will feel a connection, wish to hear more if there is something in it for them.

2. The Audience Wants You To Succeed, Not Fail - Many speakers have worries such as "What if I make a fool of myself?" or "I don't want to sound like an idiot" or "What if I totally go blank?" One of the first rules of a successful presentation is PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION so you can rely on that for not drawing a blank or not knowing what you are talking about.

If ever there is that most feared moment of losing your train of thought or the mind goes totally blank, remember that it is OK, it's not the end of the world. Of course, we want to avoid this from happening but if it ever did, just take a deep breath and move on to the next point you do remember rather than dread or fear this moment from happening.

Believe it or not, your audience does not want you to make a fool of yourself and they actually want to see you recover from such a moment. And should this dreaded moment ever happen to you, realize that it makes you more human and real and generally, the audience will laugh along with you, if you can laugh about it yourself.

3. A Conversational Tone Wins Audiences - Many speakers, when preparing for a presentation, will craft a most beautifully written speech filled with impressively long words and/or perfectly constructed sentences that are worthy of marketing brochure. They, then proceed to read this off from a script and it may sound nice, but it will not completely win your audience over. We write differently than we speak and if you do not always speak with perfect grammar or in long sentences, then it will seem false, pretentious and not the real you.

Speak to your audience as if you are speaking to someone from across the table in a conversational tone. This will make you more credible, genuine and sincere. After all, we are not going to buy from someone who is overly polished or flashy. We want to do business with someone we feel is genuine and someone we can trust.

4. Do Not Speak Like a Speaker - Yes, sounds contradictory doesn't it? Similar to point number one, when speakers focus on "me, me, me" they tend to lose rapport with the audience. Speakers should prepare their presentations for the benefit of the audience and what value they will get out of the speech, rather than what content the speaker "thinks" they need to know.

There is a saying "I don't care how much you know until I know how much you care." From a presentation perspective this means a presenter needs to be focused on the audience's needs and ask questions such as: "What value will they get out of my presentation?" "What message do I want to make clear?" or "What will they remember or what action will they take after the presentation?" Avoid what most speakers do and by using a template speech, or worse, a standard PowerPoint presentation. Take the time to learn more about your audience and tailor the message to fulfill their needs.

5. Your First Minute On Stage Sets The Tone - Often speakers are distracted with plugging in their PowerPoint presentation or resolving some technical glitch while the room is darkened and with their backs to the audience. This does not make for a great first impression.

If you are presenting to a group of people you have never met before, the first minute is when they will form an impression of you and they will spend the rest of the presentation validating that impression.

It is vital to start strong and not stammer, look awkward or be embarrassed over a technical difficulty with your PowerPoint. Some key tips to make sure you have a strong start is to focus on your opening line and start with good posture. If possible, have someone introduce you which builds up your credibilty and creates anticipation.

If using PowerPoint, sort out your set up well in advance and do not start a presentation in the dark. Introduce yourself first, connect/engage with your audience BEFORE you dim the lights and show your first slide.

Join us at our upcoming workshops to integrate these best kept secrets into your next presentation. Details are below:

Date: Monday, February 18th or Saturday, March 1, 2008
Time: 10:00am to 6:30pm
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Cost: HK$1,980 for one - HK$3,500 for two
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Upcoming Workshop by Popular Demand!

Many thanks to those who attended our first Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop of the year on January 19th. Again, I was so impressed by the quality of presentations and obvious accelerated growth. The day went by very quickly, as usual, and more importantly, it was a day of fun interaction and enthusiastic engagement.

I would like to thank the graduates who returned to refresh their skills. It really shows commitment for mastering these skills! Also, much appreciation for our helpers Martike de Grip and Mary-Anne Chan who came along to support the group and the event.

I have received numerous requests over the years to run a workshop on a weekday when participants are able to take the time out to join in, rather than on a Saturday when there are other obligations. So, due to demand, we have scheduled our next workshop for
Monday, February 18th.

If you would like to receive our resource tips this month on presentation skills "The Best Kept Secrets on Public Speaking" please send us an email at or stay tuned to this page for the tips.

Our workshops tend to fill up quickly so be sure to sign up early. We have also reserved a number of spots for graduates so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to refresh.

Februay 18 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop:

Date: Saturday, January 19th, 2008
Time: 10:00am to 6:30pm
Venue: 15/F Grandview Commercial Centre, 29-32 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Cost: HK$1,980 for one - HK$3,500 for two
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