Sunday, September 2, 2007

September 22 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

Learn the Secrets of How To Deliver A Masterful Presentation and Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking -- In Just One Day!

Are you someone who is competent, intelligent and a very persuasive professional but when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people, whether it's 10, 50 or 200 (for different people, the scale and intensity of fear symptoms vary with the group size), you experience a temporary brain freeze, you cannot communicate, nervousness and panic overtake you physically, and then you cope by speeding through whatever you have to say so that you can get off the stage?

This fear is not nice and we deal with it - head on during our one day training. Because once you understand that this fear, this panic, this uncontrollable fright is not real, it is when you take the first step to overcoming it.

Why is it some people are born for the stage and some would rather sit in a dentist chair and get a root canal than speak in front of a group? Just realize that everyone goes through this stage of fear, even for the world's most accomplished speakers.

World leaders, actors, comedians, trainers, motivational speakers - they still experience anxiety from time to time even though they seem "flawless" on stage. They just worked out how to transform that fear into fuel, strength and confidence.Basically, anyone can overcome it and see this fear for what it really is - just a perception.

We have been running this workshop for three years now, and at every single workshop, participants experience a dramatic transformation - in just one day! We do not use conventional methods in public speaking training, but rather we focus on each speaker's strength and mindset.

It's altering the perception of fear that makes a difference as well as the speaker's physical and mental state that allows them to speak confidently, professionally and effortlessly.

What You Will Learn At Our Workshop:

You will discover your unique presentation style and strengths as a "leader in communication" and explore your public speaking persona. You will do this by delivering presentations and receiving immediate feedback.

During this one day workshop, you will be coached "real-time" on preparation, delivery and presentation. We learn the most quickly by DOING so be prepared to STEP UP, take action during this workshop and exponentially accelerate your skills as a public speaker.

Results are guaranteed or your money back!

This workshop will teach you how to:

  1. Prepare your speech for maximum impact
  2. Create a compelling and memorable message
  3. Present your content in a powerful and meaningful way
  4. Make a strong impression with your audience
  5. Develop rapport with and engage your audience
  6. Deliver a smooth and flawless presentation with minimum preparation
  7. Control nervousness and anxiety
  8. Adopt empowering and secret techniques that the world's most accomplished speakers use

There's more!

- Learn how to deliver an impromptu speech with no preparation

- Create personalized techniques for you to use anytime

- Receive genuine and supportive feedback from a live audience!

September 22 Dynamic Presentation Skills Workshop

Date: Satuday, September 22, 2007
Venue: 15/F Grandview Commercial Centre, 29-32 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, HK
Cost: $1,980 for one - HK$3,500 for two
To Register: Send an email to for a registration form and seminar details or simply register by clicking on the "Paypal" icon in the right column